Diplodocus – a long stretch

Diplodocus – a long stretch

Diplodocus is a type of dinosaur known as a sauropod. It was one of the longest animals to have lived on Earth, and based on near-complete fossil remains, scientists believe that Diplodocus may have reached over 100 feet (30 metres) and weighed around 16 ton (15 metric tonnes).

It had four large sturdy legs with five-toed broad feet, with one toe having a very large claw compared with other sauropods. No one knows what Diplodocus used this claw for.

It is best known for its unusally long neck and an even longer tail that could be flailed around like a whip.

The name Diplodocus means ‘double beam’, which refers to strangely shaped bones found in it’s tail. This remarkable tail contained around 80 vertebrae.

Diplodocus lived about 150 million years ago during the late Jurassic period.