The Nudibranch

The Nudibranch

One of the prettiest creatures in the ocean is the Nudibranch, sometimes more commonly known as a ‘sea slug’.

There are many different kinds and so far over 3,000 species have been recorded. But scientists think they may have only discovered about half the species that are out there in the oceans.

They are related to snails but as they have evolved over time they have lost the need to have a shell upon their back. But they still leave a big slimy trail behind them where ever they go, just like snails do here on land.

Also like snails they have ‘oral tentacles’ which look like soft horns. They use these to sense they world around them so they can find each other and find food.

They have one big muscular ‘foot’ to move about with, projecting themselves into ocean currents to move about quickly.

The Nudibranch is a remarkable creature to observe in the oceans.They are safe to approach and a pleasure to see.

If you do see one they won’t bother you. So return the courtesy, and just quietly observe this beautiful creature in its natural habitat.